Writer’s Block on a Monday Morning

This morning I awoke and did my usual morning routine of hitting sleep 3 times on my alarm, and on finally opening my eyes, decided to check my emails. This morning my first message was from the forever inspiring Cristian Mihai  and he was talking about writers block. Cristian, it’s as though you observed my entire weekend and then decided to write this post to boost my spirits on a Monday morning!

He was writing about writer’s block, something we’ve all experienced and struggled with, I’m sure. And then he said this, and he gave my little writer’s soul a big writer’s hug in saying it:

Then there’s the second type of writer’s block, the one I’m faced with frequently. I have too many ideas. Yeah, it’s the exact opposite of the first one. I have ideas for short stories, novels, graphic novels, scripts, and God knows what else, and I can’t pick one. I get frustrated, simply because my mind is flooded with too many ideas at once. Some of you might say this is a silly thing to be worried about, but it’s not. Because when I’m near the end of a story, I have this sort of imaginary dialogue with myself, in which I ask, “What’s next?” And I dig deep inside my brain (or inside my laptop) for the next project. And because I’m panicky, I end up with too many ideas, just because I’m afraid one is not enough.

This was my weekend in a nutshell. I sat down with the motivation and inspiration to write, write, write, and do you know what came out? Excerpts of mess, everywhere. Like my mind exploded and every thought that has been flying through it and pent-up in it, exploded in word form across pages and pages of mess.

Some days I might find this inspiring – ‘wow, look at how many ideas lurk in my brain!’ But this weekend I found it frustrating. This weekend I had had a plan. I was going to pump out a huge chunk of the novel/novella (not sure which leg it’s taking me down just yet) I’ve been living with recently. It was going to be productive. I was going to feel excited. I was going to feel accomplished.

But instead my mind hit panic mode and wanted to shout out every other idea I’ve ever had. ‘There’s more up here! Write more! What if this idea isn’t good enough? Write everything down!’

Instead I got mess, because I was suffering Cristian Mihai writer’s block Type II!