New Orleans

From NYC we took a 30 hour, yes 30 hour, amtrak all the way down to New Orleans. Let me say, after all our greyhounding the amtrak felt like absolute luxury and was well worth the few extra dollars!

From the moment we stepped foot in the humid air of New Orleans I was completely in love. I know I sat that about almost every place I go! But there is something overwhelming about New Orelans.

The heat, the flavours, the smells, the sounds, the colours. It was like stepping into a dream. We stayed within walking distance of town and spent our days strolling through the residential streets (which make a striking contrast to the city and French Quarter), listening to music, eating (oh so many po boys and beignets!), and exploring the nooks and crannys of the gorgeous French Quarter. It was unforgattable!
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2 thoughts on “New Orleans

  1. Thank you for this post! I lived in Louisiana for the past 4 years and although these photos made me nostalgic, they also left warmth in my heart. Enjoy it (and I hope those beignets are at Café du Monde)!

    • Yes, the beignets were indeed from Café du Monde!
      Oh, I have to say I’m a little (lot) envious you spent 4 years living in this beautiful corner of the world! This is definitely a spot I could stop in for a while!

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