The Best Gift Ever.

wpid-PicsArt_1369842086943.jpgIt has been a year since I returned home from Kenya now. It’s been a time of emotional ups and downs for me. Being home has been really important to me. My grandparents are getting older and spending time with them has been so important and special this past year. It’s also been nice actually being a part of the community I grew up in. Spending time with old friends,  making new friends, getting to know my colleagues.  I’ve felt like a part of my own city, which is something I haven’t felt for a long time and it feels amazing.

But I think of my babies in Kenya every single day.

There isn’t a morning I don’t wake up wondering what they did that day.  Who picked the beans out of their supper last night? Who refused to get into the bathtub? Who threw the ball over the fence so a big kid had to go get it? Who fell over. Who gave who cuddles. Who pushed who over. Who cried. Who laughed. Who shouted. Who giggled.

I miss them so much.  Like a piece of my soul was left there with them, and everyday my heart goes looking for the piece that’s missing.


Last night I got the best gift I have ever, ever received. Daniel, my brother and close close friend back in Kenya, sent me photos of four of my babies as they are now, a year later.

They are so big! Their little baby faces have turned into boy faces. And they couldn’t be a drop more handsome, they are so gorgeous!  Seeing their photos was the most touching thing.  I wanted to laugh, cry, reach out and just squeeze them until they laugh and shout “aunty salah stop!”

I know I’ll see them again. But for now,  a year later,  photos of my beautiful little men was the most amazing thing I could ever ask for.
Thanks Danno. Love you boyo. And to my bubbas – I love you and think of you everyday. You’re a part of me now. Be good. Sleep tight. Play hard. Be cheeky. And I’ll see you one day soon.

wpid-PicsArt_1369838870191.jpg wpid-PicsArt_1369838926075.jpg wpid-PicsArt_1369838697466.jpg wpid-PicsArt_1369838648000.jpg


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