And Now For Something Completely Different..

Life has thrown a few curve balls into the mix recently and I have found myself in an entirely new road of my life.  My time in Kenya is unfortunately coming to a close, for now. Big changes have presented themselves and the need to pop home for a while has arisen. It’s the end of a big chapter of my life and I’m in a limbo between being heartbroken and excited. Leaving this wonderful community, my darling friends and my precious, precious babies is beyond painful. My the light at the end of the tunnel is my family waiting for me at the other side.

Sometimes we can’t control all that happens in our lives. Something bigger takes over and we find ourselves following a path we had no idea we were about to follow. But all happens for a reason. Many adventures await me (the planner in me is already working on the next chapter!) and it’s time to go with the flow and see how things pan out.

To my readers, Wellington still has excited things to post about! And in the time between now and my next overseas extravangza I’ll keep things exciting with memory posts of the amazing 33 countries I visited in the past few years! Onwards and Upwards we go xxx