Boston Strong

Our first stop in the U S of A – Boston!

We rode the overnight Greyhound down from Quebec City via Montreal (which is always a slightly painful experience!), and woke to a sunrise in Boston where we found a Dunkin Donuts and filled up on on hot coffee and Boston Kremes. Charged up on (average tasting) coffee we were ready for a few days exploring Boston!

Boston is one of those places that is exactly as you imagine it to be – beautiful stonework, ornate buildings, perfectly kept parks, bright blue skies, stark green grass, and ever so slightly rotund policemen on every corner.

I loved every part of this city. For me, it was like stepping into a storybook. There is something so proper and romantic about Boston City. Maybe it’s the English in me and the New England in Boston – but the two of us got along like a house on fire!

72107_10151665413477474_973043280_n 164599_10151665414017474_517593294_n 400728_10151665415932474_1007772512_n 417809_10151665413197474_2087144541_n 486824_10151665414047474_690801785_n 524651_10151665414262474_300708809_n 528270_10151665413587474_1603027604_n 603657_10151665413172474_2065781657_n


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