Birthdays and Museums

Yesterday was my wonderful sister’s birthday – we began the days celebrations with coffee and cake at Pataka Museum’s Café Kaizen. Located in the lobby of the museum, sat between an ornate Japanese garden and an array of intricate Māori carvings, you couldn’t ask for a better location. … Continue reading

That Pure Kiwi Sun

There is something magical brewing in the atmosphere at the moment. Summer is slowly creeping it’s way back to the Southern Hemisphere. The heat of the sun today in Wellington was surreal, I had almost forgotten what it feels like. … Continue reading

Kenya Series – Internship, Maternity/Nursery Ward Public General Hospital

One of the ridiculously incredible experiences I had while living in Kenya, was a 3 month internship at PGH (Provincial General Hospital) Nakuru. I was based in the maternity and nursery units, putting my studies and experience in infant care and development to any use … Continue reading