Central Park

Who doesn’t have warm fuzzy feelings overflowing whenever they think of Cenral Park? For me, not only is it the heart of every NYC based rom-com, but it’s one of the strongest memories of my childhood. Old Mummy and Daddy Knipping took us to NYC when we were still rocking 90s boyband haircuts and oversized t-shirts. I’ve wanted to get back ever since!

My sisters and I reunited in Central Park and thought we had better revisit the spots we saw as kids..this was the outcome…!

After our little childhood reninactment, it became a normal morning of exploring the stunning park and people watching. What a spot. NYCers, I am so jealous you get to come here so often!295362_10151681820462474_1576807640_n 417925_10151681818862474_1145084657_n 904727_10151676225432474_1717986845_o 923390_10151681821767474_902037455_n 943364_10151681818772474_404494900_n 945561_10151681820127474_1420051017_n


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