It’s not a road-trip across America without stopping in Nashville! We decided to slow the pace down a little and relax – we found a lovely little house through Air BnB and spent our time wandering the streets, both in the city and suburbs (I love doing this, the contrast between suburbia and the city that tourists usually see gives such a real insight into a place). The weather treated us well and we chilled out to some good old country music!181272_10151692345312474_172649226_n 182258_10151692343587474_100307480_n 969482_10151692345537474_489005027_n 260347_10151692343792474_232956305_n 933998_10151692346227474_2123033136_n 941137_10151692343367474_670603470_n 941901_10151692344387474_1695474142_n 970201_10151692344557474_1047170171_n 970381_10151692344417474_321144249_n 970516_10151692346502474_332597974_n


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