I Didn’t go to Harvard Business School…

Anyone catch that Life Less Ordinary reference? If so, 10 points to you!
One cannot travel to Boston without riding the rail out to Harvard University! And wow, what a stunning campus. Just gorgeous! We avoided the official campus tour thing (mostly to avoid those awkward silences where the cool and smart Harvard University kid makes a joke that the rest of us don’t understand…) and grabbed a map and started walking. It’s amazing how many locations you recognise. It almost feels like stepping into the set of a film, you know it so well. Only the set is filled with crazy-smart people, not extras and boom boys.

It was an incredible experience, but did leave me feeling a little on the dumb side! But that’s a completely different topic…read more on that here:
On Visiting an Ivy League School or How to Make Yourself Feel Really Dumb 101

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