MYSELF: A quick rundown;
I am Sarah Knipping, an early childhood teacher and writer from Wellington, New Zealand.
I love to travel, yes yet another jet-setting kiwi! I recently spent 18 months volunteering in Kenya, it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I have another 33 countries under belt and spend most of my time dreaming of new destinations to explore.

THIS BLOG: Is a bit of a hybrid travel blog come writers blog – Here you will find a collection of my writings and photos. Thoughts that pop into my head or catch my eye during my aventures.

All images published on this site are owned by Sarah Knipping unless otherwise specified

Awards I’ve been privileged enough to receive:
awardsPlaces I’ve been privileged enough to visit:


20 thoughts on “About

  1. I admire you for your work.

    I just wonder, during your Kenyan adventures, have you encountered cameleopards? Are their necks really that long?

    I take my hat off to you Sarah.

    • I’m afraid my Kenyan adventures were minus a cameleopard..there was once a leopard leopard that ate a goat at the bottom of the orphanage..but its neck was, of course, of average length.
      Also, thanks for your nice words! Shucks.

  2. Sarah,
    You seem to have a lovely blog. Looking forward to reading more from you. This will also be the “straightest” comment you will ever have from Le Clown.
    Le Clown

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