Niagara Falls – From the Canadian Side, eh!

We couldn’t possibly go to Toronto without venturing down to Niagara Falls! We’ll be down in NYC in the not too distant future, and I know a lot of people take the trip to the falls from here but we figured we’d go from Canada because a). it’s closer and b). everyone has told us the view from the Canadian side is more impressive. So we hopped on a bus and journeyed our way down to the falls.
Now I’m going to be honest, while the falls themselves were (of course) impressive, that there be a whole lotta water! I wasn’t that taken with the whole Niagara Falls experience. We were there kinda in off season for one, so the entire town (which is filled with kinda creepy casinos (particularly creepy when there’s no one in them) gave off a bit of a derelict feel. Also, the fencing and masses of concrete on either side (which I understand is necessary for safety of the thousands of visitors each day) kinda ruin the majesty of a natural wonder of the world. (Maybe seeing Victoria Falls in Zambia has ruined falls for me a little? Literally being able to stand on the edge of the falls alongside elephants and buffalo might have given me over zealous expectations!) Gosh I’m sounding a little Nancy Negative here! Anyway, the falls were pretty awesome and I’m glad I can say I’ve seen them!

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