There’s Always Time In Life For a Fangirl Moment..!

IMG_20130304_190915It’s been a while since I’ve written a post, you know, the ones that have actual words in them?

Life in this far corner of the globe has been filled with a whole bunch of mayhem as of late. One of those years, where everything kicks up a fuss at the same time, and all you can do is let your feet up and get carried downstream with your head above water, preferably holding a few others up along with you.

But, while this may be a little on the emotionally stressful side, I’ve also found it’s an amazing catalyst for writing. The words have been literally flowing out of my finger tips…just unfortunately not in the direction of my dearest blog!

Anyway, I had a bit of an exciting surprise this week. The weather was gorgeous, so I thought it was time for a coffee and a read. I sat down with Jazz by Cristian Mihai, and couldn’t stand up until I had devoured every page. What to do next? Being a web nerd, I decided to twitpic it to him, you never know, he might see it. And he did. Not only did he retweet it, but he put the photo on his blog!

If you haven’t checked out his blog or read his works, do so. He’s amazing. Both his writing and blog are so inspiring. His updates constantly remind me not to give up on my dream of writing. As he tweeted today; ‘don’t think, just write!’


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