What is More Relaxing Than The Beach?

There is nothing more relaxing in the world than being at the beach. For me it encompasses freedom. Rules don’t apply at the beach. Shoes? Who needs shoes. Clothing? Wear whatever you like. Feel like having a nap in public? Go for it. Feel like swimming, or reading, or eating, or running, or surfing, or kayaking, or building castles. Do it. Feel like having no structure to your day bar getting to and from the beach? Ahh bliss! There is nothing in the world more relaxing than living at the beachside….9672_10151424794252474_913165639_n 47762_10151426538947474_196709941_n 423708_10151424794707474_564895834_n 430942_10151426539537474_2116048355_n 546406_10151428645112474_1905068202_n 564973_10151428646087474_109336901_n 602914_10151426539387474_1546825182_n
734205_10151426538232474_500303811_n 735081_10151428645392474_193334546_n


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