And The Winner Is…

While the Golden Globes kick off in Hollywood, I sit down to the humbling array of awards that have graced my inbox this past week. A huge thank you for all the nominations! I’ve plopped them together into one post for ease, but don’t be fooled, I’m super touched by each one!  And the nominees are….:

A huge shout-out to Sarah from A lifetime’s Explorations for the Kreativ Blogger nomination! Pop on over and check out her fantastic travel blog!kreativ7 facts, 7 nominations:

– I like music better on vinyl, would carry a portable record player to connect to my ear if it were possible!
– I hate sugar in my coffee but love it in my tea…
– I love taking photos but get anxious when someone specifically asks me to do so!
– I’m going through a burst of not going to the gym, even though my bank thinks I go weekly…
– The only cat in the world I like is my own…
– I am already grieving for summer and it hasn’t left us yet
– I love my Godson/nephews to pieces!

And I pass it onto:

Grown in The Southern Ground
Nearly Published
Bucket List Publications
Meg Travels
Where’s My Backpack?
A Crafty Traveler
Canoe Communications

A huge shoutout to Rachel over at The Penniless Traveler for the Blog on Fire Award! Pop on over to check out her awesome travel blog!


5 facts, 5 nominess:

–  I love to eat but am not a very good cook
–  I love to make a mess but am not very good at cleaning up afterwards…
–  I love to write but am not very good at showing anyone the final product…ever
–  I love to drink both wine and coffee but am shocking at recommending types to others
–  These are all things I want to remedy!

And I pass it onto:

Get Set and Go
Fenya’s Travels
A Word in Your Ear
Petra’s 365 Photographs
Everywhere Once

Aaaaand a huge shoutout to Mary over at Ocean Owl for the 2012 Blog of The Year nomination!

Blog of the Year Award 1 star thumbnail
5 facts, 5 nominees:

I love tv: current addictions:
–  Girls
– 30 Rock (end of, sad face!)
–  American Horror Story
–  The Mindy Project
–  Underemployed (Should this one be a guilty pleasure.. don’t know, but loving it!)

And onto:
The Perpetual Vagabond
Daniel and Kelly Travel
Bunny and Pork Belly
Eat, Travel, Photograph
The Palladian Traveler


7 thoughts on “And The Winner Is…

  1. Congratulations on your awards! I have to let this wow out as I gaze over the photos of the zebras, people and places you’ve seen and share. Thank you very much for the nomination. This is a really cool award. 🙂

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