In Hot Water

Yesterday we hit one of New Zealand’s greatest beach spots; Hot Water Beach, on the east coast of the coromandel peninsula. We drove up from our base in whangamata, theoretically a 50min drive but traffic got the better of us as cars slowly leaked across a single lane bridge which had us trapped in Tairua for a good half hour!
We made it to Hot Water Beach an hour before tide out to find literally hundreds of people digging in the sand! If the name didn’t give it away already, the water that comes up through the sand is hot. Boiling hot. You can only access it for about two hours a day while the tide is out,  but boy is it worth the wait! Thousands of little makeshift spa pools are dug out of the sand, the thermal water oozes up and fills them. In the hotter parts, right above the spring, you have to retrieve buckets of sea water to cool the boiling liquid down! And when the fun is all over and the tide has come in and destroyed the manmade pools, the beach itself is just perfect for a swim!







2 thoughts on “In Hot Water

  1. Looks like you girls are having a fantastic adventure! Enjoy soaking up the NZ summer sunshine, look forward to seeing more of your adventures 🙂

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