A Sunny Christmas Day

Merry Christmas all! I hope everybody had a wonderful day with family and friends!
Christmas is my favourite time of year, as I’m sure it is for many! The weather down here in Wellington was absolutely stunning, the hottest Christmas day our city has had since 1934, raking it in at 28.8 degrees Celsius (84F) which is super hot for Wellington. The views were to die for with all the sunlight streaming in. We celebrated with the entire family. It’s a bit of an extravaganza for us to all see one another, our family just keeps getting bigger and bigger, so its a 3 day event. Its boxing day morning here now, two days of Christmas down and one more to go! Here’s a few photos of how we celebrate the holiday down here on a sunny Christmas Day.

IMGP6757 IMGP6765 IMGP6786 IMGP6793 IMGP6801 IMGP6803 IMGP6811 IMGP6812 IMGP6814 IMGP6830 IMGP6845 IMGP6848 IMGP6850 IMGP6863 IMGP6864 IMGP6866 IMGP6891 IMGP6896 IMGP6902


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