You Can’t Beat Wellington on a Good Day

A good friend from our university days came up from Christchurch for a visit to the Windy capital this weekend, and boy did Wellington put on the weather for him! Catching up with old friends always makes for a fantastic weekend, but good company coupled with Wellington at its absolute best and it’s a mix you seriously cannot beat. And a more typically kiwi weekend I couldn’t begin to imagine:

We scoured the coasts of Wellington clad in jandals and sunscreen, headed up to Pauliens parents bach in Otaki for an evening of sunshine, fish and chips, beer and poker, and came back on Sunday evening in time for the free public screening of The Lord of The Rings, The Fellowships of The Ring at Waitangi park along with several thousand other sun-kissed Kiwis.

You really cannot beat Wellington on a good day. Breathtaking.


5 thoughts on “You Can’t Beat Wellington on a Good Day

    • How exciting that you’re about to become a kiwi in our shakiest city 😉 Travelling between cities across the islands is super easy with cheap airfares (though I do it myself much less often than I would like!) feel free to drop me a line if you find yourself in Wellington and I’ll buy you a flat white 🙂

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