Kenya Series – Gioto Garbage Slum

Gioto Garbage Slum is possibly one of the most shocking places in the world. It is exactly as it sounds, a slum inside the garbage dump. Home to 140 families who depend on the garbage itself for survival, both food and shelter. Most children will never attend school. Many will be neglected or abused. There is no way around it, it’s a heart breaking place. And yet within all the rubble there is light. People from both within the community and from outside are lending a helping hand – children now have opportunities to go to school, women have chances to start a business – and the people there are just beautiful. A smile can truly transcend a thousand tears sometimes.

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6 thoughts on “Kenya Series – Gioto Garbage Slum

  1. This breaks my heart 😦
    I haven’t been able to get this image I saw in a Human Planet video of people going to the garbage dump in Ethiopia every day to find food eat and things to sell. But I didn’t realize people also had their homes in the dumps 😦

    • Heart-breaking isn’t it 😦 I often find my mind settling on images of their homes in the dump, contrasted hugely by the sprawling clean city behind them. It’s reassuring to see people lending a hand in there and seeing kids born in there having a chance at school and all the normal things that make life awesome

  2. I did some volunteer work in Kibera, Kenya, the largest slum in Kenya. This post reminded me of that experience. I can’t believe this is what’s normal for so many people.

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