That Pure Kiwi Sun

There is something magical brewing in the atmosphere at the moment. Summer is slowly creeping it’s way back to the Southern Hemisphere. The heat of the sun today in Wellington was surreal, I had almost forgotten what it feels like.

With a giant gaping hole in the ozone that sits snuggly above the New Zealand skies, the heat of the sun down is here is different than anywhere else in the world. Step outside in the heat of summer for more than twenty minutes and you’re baked right through. Oh but I never burn, I hear you say. And nor do I anywhere north of Fiji. But the sun down here will get you, regardless of your skin colour, regardless of your built up tan. It’ll burn through your epidermis, right through your bones and out the other side if you give it half the chance.

However, with a dose of sun-smartness you’ll quickly forget your sun paranoia and will be revelling in the joy of the Kiwi sun, minus the burns. And let me tell you, it feels amazing. Mixed with the slight crisp air that wafts up gently from the Antarctic region, the sun feels purely….well, pure. Pure and amazing. It’s flirting it’s way back into our skies and it has me abuzz with excitement. Summer is on its way. Better dig the jandals and chilly bin out of the closet!


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