Kenya Series – Internship, Maternity/Nursery Ward Public General Hospital

One of the ridiculously incredible experiences I had while living in Kenya, was a 3 month internship at PGH (Provincial General Hospital) Nakuru. I was based in the maternity and nursery units, putting my studies and experience in infant care and development to any use possible. Here I volunteered to basically do anything deemed remotely helpful, ranging from fetching gloves, wiping tables, weighing new borns, feeding orphaned babies, palpating tummies, listening through foetal scopes, recording measurements, bringing cups of tea, and even assiting on births themselves. I’m still dumbfounded by the amazing women I met, and the incredible jobs they all do. Despite very limited resources and bed space, Mums, Doctors, and Nurses all do an incredible job. Some of the moments there were heartbreaking. Some were awe inspiring. It was an absolutely humbling, and incredible experience. Every moment of it is an eternity in my memory. Here are some of my most privileged moments, in my entire life, captured by camera phone, with some people I will always remember who have really, really touched my heart.

Caroline and I mid-shift.

Having cuddles with baby Lamsi, 5 minutes old, after spending 4 hours of labour with Mum who was busy with the afterbirth.

Lamsi practising using his new lungs!

Lamsi and Mummy Phyllis having big cuddles – well done Mum! What an amazing woman!

Hello little ones. Keeping one another warm in the nursery unit.

Prepped to observe on a caeser and help the doctor with anything needed.

Formula feeding one of the orphaned babies, one day old.

She is just so beyond beautiful.

Me meeting Andrew properly after helping mum with the afterbirth, first baby I ever delivered! 4.3 kilos, well done mummy Trizah, that’s a big first bubba! What an experience, thanks to mum and bubs for sharing it with me!

Oh baby boy you are just too precious.


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