Windy Wellington!!!

Windy Wellington is really and truly living up to its reputation this weekend. Spring is upon us, and as we make the (long anticipated) change out of winter, the wind is back to greet us in typical Wellington fashion. Today’s wind speed? 140kph (86mph). Holy Moly that is a big gust! (Hurricane Isaac swooped in at 113kph/70mph). Trying to open a door or drive is nearing impossible. Walking to Caffe L’affare this morning for a brunch with a girlfriend, and I literally had to run to compensate for the crazy wind  in order to be walking at a normal pace. The metservice has issued a severe weather update and is reporting rooves disappearing, trampolines flying, and flights grounded as the wind picks up its speed across the city.

We’re pretty lucky down here though, the crazy wind sure does cause some mayhem but its relatively warm, and while it throws a few rooves off and shatters a few windows, its passes across us like a very heartfelt kiss from Tāwhirimātea, the god of the weather. It’s actually one of the things I love most about Wellington. When the winds pick up I feel the most at home, literally smothered in a giant hug from our little windy city at the bottom of the globe.

*update – they hit 170kph!105 mph *


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