In the Community with NHWC – IV

During my time in Kenya I had the chance to see the ins and outs of many non-profit organisations. One of the NGOs closest to my heart is NHWC, The Nathan Hall Williams Center. Based in Nakuru this wonderful little NGO offers health care clinics, educational visits, and community outreach projects to the wonderful people of Nakuru. It’s modest size and the fact staff and volunteers – including the (volunteer) director – are on the ground living in Nakuru, means it is constantly in touch with the community itself which makes all the difference. It was started by my amazing friend Haley Williams, who I met aeons back in 2009 when we both went to Nakuru as short term volunteers…and she’s been there ever since! Here is some images from one of their amazing health clinics I was able to attend in Nakuru.

The Nathan Hall Williams Center (NHWC) was created to emphasize the need for preventative and rehabilitative care for people with disabilities in developing countries.  Based in Nakuru, Kenya, the Center caters to those with disabilities through community outreach projects, educational services, and health care clinics.

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