Stuck in with Habitat for Humanity

I do volunteer work with Refugee Services Wellington working with families newly arrived into our NZ community- and this week all of us volunteers had the opportunity to get on board with a pretty exciting project. Habitat for Humanity is building a house for one of the wonderful and deserving Burmese refugee families in the Porirua area . The home is being built for them -volunteer labour and subsidised materials making it all possible. The house is being constructed at the Bunnings Warehouse car park and when complete, will be shifted by truck to the plot for the family. This cute little property is a modest 4 bed and will make a gorgeous home for the family. It’s super super exciting!

This weekend was a bit of a working bee – volunteers and people from within the community all came along and got hammering away! Gib boards going up and making the home feel complete. My job was a pretty modest one, marking the beams every 300mm for where the glue was going for the Gib boarding. Not changing the world with that one! But I did make it quicker for those putting up the panelling to do so, and enjoyed being a part of the excitement! Here’s a few shots of the project and the fantastic people who are making it all possible.


2 thoughts on “Stuck in with Habitat for Humanity

    • Thanks Denise 🙂 one of the greatest things about Wellington is how easy it is for anyone and everyone to get involved through Volunteer Wellington and their endless job options!
      Every little bit counts, even a tiny gesture can change someone elses day 🙂

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