Film Festival is Back!

It’s that time of year again, the annual New Zealand Film Festival! Quite genuinely my favourite time of year in the capital – there’s an added buzz in the air and a hum of chatter from the hundreds of enthusiastic movie goers. It’s a film festival, kiwi style. Knitted jerseys, jandals, and hispter glasses.

An Indie Festival That Loves Film More Than Hype.
— Joe Morgenstern, Wall St Journal

Today was our first day of the festival, and  a bit of a sombre one at that. The film was Into the Abyss, a documentary film directed by Werner Herzog focused on two men convicted of a triple homicide in Conroe, Texas. It’s look into both homicide and the death penalty really gets the mind reeling, and the heart aching. You’ll be surprised by the levels of humanity Herzog achieves in his interviews and struck to the core with the finality that is capital punishment. Herzog describes it as ‘a gaze into the abyss of the human soul’ – a touching and thought-provoking piece!

The film was a bit heavy for a Saturday morning though, so we lightened the mood with coffees, pizza, and made the most of today’s theatre location at Te Papa, taking a stroll around the museum and waterfront.


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