Lake Ferry, New Zealand

Because you need to know where you’re from, in order to know where you’re going.

What better way to spend time with good friends than to accompany them on a camping trip? Sure it may not be stranded in the middle of the bush somewhere, there may even be a cheeky shower and kitchen block, but there’s still something very tactile and real about camping. Something about the heat of the sun radiating through a canvas screen to wake you up. Something about the central tent pole collapsing in the middle of the night in a strong gust of wind. Something about setting up a picnic blanket in the middle of your tented compound to enjoy your breakfast as a group. Something about being minus wifi. Minus carpet. Minus mattresses. Minus refrigerators. Something about the dry grass all over the tented floor. Something about the spiders stowing away in your shoe. Something about sitting in the sun and silence with a book. Something about swimming. Something about taking mid day hikes.

There’s something that camping does to you. Something about the change of environment that has you planning excursions and finding any way you can to soak up more of that glorious outdoors.

And what better spot for it than Lake Ferry nestled in Palliser Bay, on the shore of Lake Onoke in the South Wairarapa? New Zealand at its best and most beautiful.


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