Ode to the Escapism of a Good Cafe

I have two absolute favourite things in life, so favourite they’re almost obsessions, what get me hopping out of bed and ready to face the big wide world all over again: travel and cafes. Which I’m sure, if you even once read my blog, you’ve noticed!
I’m working away at home at the moment, refilling that ever depleting bank account, and so travel is a little off the cards for the moment.
What I am surrounded by is an endless supply of awe-inspiring cafes! I just love being nestled inside the hum of a cafe, flat white on the table, book open in one hand, wordpress reader open in the other. Every cafe here in Wellington is just caked in a glow of atmosphere, all themed just enough to take you completely away from reality without nearing that risk factor of tackiness.
Todays cafe is Soho Brown – right on Midland Park in the very centre of the cbd. I just love the nick-nacks and library feel they’ve accomplished despite the huge floor space needed to fill the coffee needs to the cities working folk.








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