Volunteer Services Abroad Exhibtion

Walking out of the train station this morning, and I stumbled upon a public exhibition. The exhibition was being run by VSA, volunteer services abroad. For decades, this organisation has been sending kiwis with love, time, and skills to share with communities overseas. They’re a fantastic organisation and its great to see them in the spotlight a little, you never know who may see the exhibit and sign up!
I’m a huge fan of volunteering and think everybody has something to offer our world. There’s a lot of stuff out there online that scares people away from it, and voluntourism, while awesome, has skewed people’s image of overseas volunteer work. I spent 18 months in Kenya and loved every moment. You may not change lives, but that’s not always the point, you could simply change somebody’s day – and that to me is just as special.
I would love to get involved with VSA should a placement suiting my skill set suit me, believe me I’m looking! In the mean time I keep myself busy with volunteer work within my own community, and wherever you are in the world there’s always people or services that could use a helping hand!
Here’s some of my favourite images from todays exhibit, lovely aren’t they?!






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