Dreaming of Kenya

I woke up this morning right from the middle of a dream. You know the feeling when you’re still between two worlds? Half in dream land, half in reality. The dream slowly dissipates into the haze of your actual morning. You feel the reality of dream dissolve further and further away, until all image is gone and all you have left is a feeling. The feeling of the dream.

I had been dreaming about being back in Kenya, and it had felt so so real. It took a long time this morning to shake the feeling. It made me miss it a lot. The kids in particular. It made me want to get up and start my day as if it had been one of my everyday days in Nakuru.

This is obviously not possible. So I decided to let myself reminisce a little over photos. I found these scattered amongst them all and thought I would share them. They sum up the everydayness of what was my everyday for the past 18 months in Kenya!

(Excuse the costume changes! They were all taken on different days!)

First things first -breakfast! When we had a little one staying with us in the house (before they transition down to the nursery) they would always get first priority of course, but I still managed to find time for my morning coffee! The temperature in Nakuru is always perfect in the mornings, just crisp enough to really awaken all your senses.

I loved taking a bit of a walk in the mornings – a bit of time to refresh, clear your mind, and let the caffeine kick in! When there was a little one on the board the walk was a little different! Minus a buggy was sooo much easier so we tried things the good old Kenyan way – a kanga on the back!

Classtime! Me and the kids loved starting the day with a bit of aerobics! Time for a groove!

My portable DVD player didn’t provide a very big screen for the kids to mimic from, so I’d get up front and join in too – see why I needed the coffee?!!

I always found story time was the easiest transition for both the kids and myself into sit down classroom time.

I just love their expressions in this shot! Our favourite stories were Mrs Wishy Washy and Commotion in the Ocean!

Commotion in the Ocean usually led to a song request, always A Slippery Fish! Acting out the part of the ‘humongous whale’ always got laughs, in spite of me looking like a complete idiot, or more realistically because of!

 My kiddies are awesome at doing the actions!

Time for something a bit more stimulating and challenging -puzzle time!

We loved it!

End of lesson and time for one more song – Sleeping Bunnies was always an end of day hit!

Class is over so I usually join the little little ones in the nursery – just in time for story time before lunch!

Lunch time! I have never met kids so well behaved at lunch time! So focused and ready to seriously dig into their food 🙂

Afternoon activity with the bubbas – that week I had taken everyone’s portrait and we all got to stick our own photo to the wall 🙂

 Riley was always up for a bit of a cuddle and smooch – gorgeous boy!

Time for a glass of cold water in the heat of the afternoon – and a chance to play cheeky tricks on ‘Aunty Salah’

Late afternoon cuddles with Charlotte after her bath. We often did baths late in the day while the sun was still out so the kiddies wouldn’t feel too cold (despite the hot water and warm african sun!)


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