Hold Your Breath, and Jump!

Some of you may have noticed a tab on my blog labelled ‘A Leopard Lives in my Village’. Until now there hasn’t been a lot of action going on on that page! But things are about to kick into gear, and I’m feeling pretty excited about it!

It’s a project I was working on while I was in Kenya. The whole idea came to me one day when I was chatting to my good friend, Dickson Inyanje Sore, about his latest commission. You see, Dickson is an incredible artist. His work is beautiful, encompassing the tone of Kenya with a touch of Dickson thrown in there. He was working on a canvas for me (by far my absolute favourite piece of art, has prime location on my walls here at home!) and I came up with the idea. That he and I should work on something together.

Very quickly this jumped from a notion to a project. We would produce a children’s book together. Dickson’s job was the art work. My job was the story. The story came to me easy, inspired by the gorgeous children I was working with at the time. I wanted it to encompass the idea that every child is special, and every community we grow up in is perfect in it’s own little way.

We decided to self publish. We want to donate all the profit we make from the book to a local NGO we had both been involved in, and self publication seemed the easiest way to do this. We can control profit margins, and we can make sure the profit goes where we want and need it to go!

We had a lot of fun putting the project together, and now we’re on the countdown! Within the next few weeks we’ll officially get started on the publication side of things. I’m excited and very nervous! It’s a very exposing feeling, sharing something you’ve written with the world! Deep breath, and here we go!


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