Weekday Sushi Fetish

Wellington has developed a fetish, an addiction, an obsession. Sushi for lunch. Sushi is by no means a new comer to options on the kiwi lunch menu. But all of a sudden, just a few years back, it all became new, fresh and exciting again. A few little spots opened up here and there in the city, sporting not your pre-packaged assortment of nori wrapped goodness, but a buffet style sushi takeout spot. Settled snuggly into what are little more than holes in the wall, they are beyond convenient. And fresh, oh so fresh. Made right there behind the sales booths before your very eyes. And gourmet, oh the fillings, they are so beyond delicious! There is not a single work day where there is not a line outside the sushi spots, at least 15 people, patiently waiting for their lunch.

Here’s some snaps of my favourite sushi spot on Woodward Street where I fetched my lunch today.







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