Just Like Mum


I stumbled upon this photo of myself in an old album of mum’s the other day. I can remember looking back on this years ago and being horrified. Horrified by the amount of pink mother dearest had decked me out in. Horrified by the excessive plumage of the home knitted jumper. And horrified by mum’s hideous sunnies I had donned for the photo-op.
It’s now almost twenty-five years since this shot was taken and the irony is, if you were to take a photo of me today I wouldn’t look all that different…a few feet taller, hair now a lot darker, less cute baby fat and more can’t-shake-em love handles, but otherwise pretty much the same. Oh and minus the pink.
The current 80’s resurgence is obviously contributing to this; leggings, oversized glasses, oversized jumpers, oversized hair…it’s all become fashionable all over again (convenient for myself with the world most un-straightenable hair).
I think part of what shocked me so much in this image as a tween was how much of my mother was in the photo. I was like a blonde mini her in this pic. And now that I’m all grown up? Well, I’m even more like her.

One of the kids at work today had some big news he needed to share with another teacher while I was on lunch break. He very seriously turned to her over his bowl of mashed spuds. ‘Do you know something?’ he asked her in that wide-eyed ‘I-know-you-don’t-know-what-I’m-talking-about-yet-but-I’m-going-to-open-this-way-to-prove-I-know-something-you-don’t kind of way the three and a half year olds do (he would have been mortified had I forgotten the half just there…). ‘No, what?’ she asked with enthusiasm.
‘Sarah is Sue’s mum!’ he remarked with an almost verbal exclamation mark.

He allllmost had it! Sue is my mum. Sarah, myself, is the daughter. (We teach at the same crèche). I loved everything about this comment! His inability to accurately read the generational gap between myself and my mother is beyond gorgeous (and very flattering to my mum!). To the untrained 3.5 year old eye this is hard to gauge I’m sure. We dress similarly, both have long dark hair, really don’t look like there is 25 years between us! Most of all I love that to kids, adults are just adults. It was perfectly feasible to him that I was a mother to a 50 year old. But I can see where he got confused, I have turned out JUST like my mum!


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