Yesterday’s post got me reminiscing. There’s always the emotional low that hits post travel, but the flip side of this is is the swell of nostalgia you get when reflecting on old trips.

My sisters and I travelled to the UK for the first time last year. With 32 other countries under my belt it seemed time to finally journey to the motherland and see where my grandmother is from. We tend to do things in the wrong order, so seeing the UK late was not in the least bit out of character.

I have to admit I wasn’t all that excited about seeing the UK. Most of my previous travel has been to places like South East Asia, the Middle East, Africa. I was kind of expecting a big version of New Zealand and have to say I was completely taken aback with just how stunning the UK is, especially in wintertime.

The highlight for us was Oxford. There is no other word in the English dictionary to describe Oxford par magical, simply magical. It’s the mixture of the beautiful buildings, perfect climate, cornish pasties, cobbled streets and the aura of academia that seeps through the very veins of the city that gets into your system. It’s absolutely breath-taking and I wish with every part of me that I could be back there right now, snuggling a hot beverage against me and admiring the splendour of the city around me.

Here’s some of my favourite snaps from our visit.


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