You Give Me Fever

Today I was invited by a friend to visit the old Wellington Fever Hospital, he had acquired a permit to enter and had sent a facebook invite around to those with an interest in photography, not that I deem myself much of a photographer, I rely on automatic a bit much for that. Still, quite a privilege really.

The hospital was opened in the 1920’s for the treatment of infectious diseases, most famous for treating TB patients in the 1940s. It was located a distance from the main hospital in an effort to emphasise isolation practises. Access was difficult as there was no road access at the time. It was shut down in the 50s, reopened very briefly in the 60s as a chest hospital, and left abandoned for 2 decades more until it was used temporarily by the School of Music.

It has been left abandoned ever since, and with it’s location alone on the hill,  is quite an eerie place. It’s no surprise really that it’s rumoured to be haunted. Today access is only possible with a permit, used mainly by photographers and the film school. Walking the halls is best described as surreal. The air is thick. Everything is unbelievably still. Air moves in weird currents about the place, making floors creek where no one walks, doors close, curtains swing. It’s stunning, it’s creepy, it’s memorable.


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