Feels Like Home To Me

I’m home. That sums it all up. After 36 hours of flying I find myself sitting back in Wellington, almost as if nothing had happened.
Almost. I thought on arrival it would feel almost as if I had never left. I was surprised to find it feels aeons since I was last here.
Not surprisingsly, I’m processing a lot. I’ve left behind a life I loved and felt very comfortable in, am back in a world that is all too familiar and yet I have no destinctive spot in right now, and I have a world of options at my feet and am trying to work out where and when I wanna be next!
But in the meantime, there are some amazing things at home that make life oh so easy, comfortable and homey!


The simple luxury that is the washer and drier! Oh to be able to hit a button and have fresh clothes!


A hot shower! Enough said!


My booooks!!!!!!!!!


A perfect, well rounded, full flavoured coffee right from my own kicthen!


The view. Its hard to not feel at home and relaxed with that gorgeous familiar view staring back at me.


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