A Bit of a Treat for Easter

It’s Easter here in Kenya (well it’s Easter everywhere in fact, but for me it’s Easter in Kenya), and time for my homesickness to kick in a little. Easter, for me, has always been about family and family traditions. Going without and knowing it’s still going on for everyone else at home can be a bit of a kick in the guts some days, so Rachel and I decided to take things into our own hands and make it a little bit special.

We needed a chocolate fix,  it’s said to contain endorphins for that much needed happiness boost and chocolate seemed to fit the bill, might as well carry a little of our commercialised culture into the holiday…! And so we chowed down at Nakuru’s newest coffee house…and it almost made up for being so far from home!


One thought on “A Bit of a Treat for Easter

  1. We missed you too love from us all
    Had Knip family time on Sat and Wheeler time on Sunday
    Pleased you had your own celebrations
    Mum xx

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